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The vast Canadian North is home to sights unparalleled in the world. This unspoiled and untamed land may appear desolate to the undiscerning eye, but it in fact abounds with life— hardy species of animals and plants that have not merely managed to withstand one of the most unforgiving environments on Earth, but indeed to thrive within it.

Notable among the North’s wildlife is the majestic polar bear. Long held in awe by people and dreaded by its prey, this animal is the planet’s largest land predator and truly a testament to the wonders of natural selection. It is only befi tting that this undisputed champion of the Arctic and Subarctic ecosystems has become an enduring emblem of the Great White North.

Join celebrated nature photographer Mike Grandmaison on his journey to Churchill, in Northern Manitoba, Canada, as he ventures into the homeland of the polar bear. Combining superb photographs with enlightening facts on these animals and their environment, The Polar Bear: Lord of the Great North is sure to captivate anyone eager to take a closer look at these fascinating creatures.

The Polar Bear: Lord of the Great North

  • Photographies: Michel Grandmaison

  • Beau livre, pour tout âge

    Couverture rigide

    8,5 po X 11 po

    120 pages | Couleur

    ISBN 978-1-988182-50-6

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