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If you have ever seen the Great White North, you may have been lucky enough to come across the magnificent light show in the sky known to us as the aurora borealis— the Northern Lights. But have you ever wondered how they and the constellations came to be?

Raven’s Great Light Show relates the wonderful story of how Raven, the Trickster figure common to the Oral Tradition of many Indigenous Peoples in Canada, once used his legendary wiles to paint the night sky with the millions upon millions of stars that vigilantly watch over us.

Raven's Great Light Show

  • Texte: David Bouchard

    Illustrations: Jasyn Lucas

  • À partir de 12 ans

    Couverture rigide

    8 po X 10 po

    32 pages | Couleur

    ISBN 978-1-989282-48-9

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