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Meet some of the brave men and women who first settled the New World and helped found the colony of New France—Cartier, Marie La Tour, La Salle and Madeleine de Verchères. Find out how they worked, dressed, ate and survived in their adopted land. Read about the King's Daughters, who came over from Europ on Bride's Ships, and about the powerful seigneurs, who ruled vast domains along the St. Lawrence River.


•Make and Asrtolabe

•Play the game Conquering North America

•Build a fort

•And much, much more...

New France

  • Text : Robert Livesey
    Illustrations : A.G. Smith

  • Album jeunesse, à partir de 9 ans

    Couverture souple

    8,25 pouces x 8,25 pouces

    96 pages | Noir blanc

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