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Monica-Claire loves beautiful Provencher Park—but she just can’t figure out how she got there! She needs to find her way back to her house before her parents start worrying. Suddenly, she meets a talking squirrel and an old tree. And they may hold the key to Monica-Claire’s way home! This first book in the Monica-Claire series is a wonderful tale that celebrates nature, friendship, and the imagination.

Monica-Claire and the Enchanted Park

  • Texte : Ginette Fournier

    Illustrations: Chantal Piché

  • Littérature jeunesse, à partir de 4 ans

    Tome 1 de la série Monica-Claire

    Couverture souple
    8,5 po x 8,5 po

    32 pages | Couleur
    ISBN 978-1-988182-55-1

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