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It isn’t easy being a big brother when your little sister’s always in your hair. You look over here. You look over there. Everywhere you look—she’s always there! It’s impossible to find peace!

In this heartfelt tale for readers of all ages, the author of Bread, Butter, Eggs, and Milk takes us along on a siblings’ quest to discover the calm, peaceful corners of the world—those precious places where we can freely take in and appreciate life’s simple, often-overlooked wonders.

Look Over Here! Look Over There! Look Everywhere!

  • Texte: France Adams

    Illustrations: Andrew Valko

  • Album jeunesse, à partir de 5 ans

    Couverture souple

    7,5 po X 8,5 po

    32 pages | Couleur

    ISBN 978-1-988182-76-6

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